Pondicherry: A Photo Diary

When 2020 had started, we traveloholics were still making plans for all the exciting trips of the year. Little did we know that this year (and the damn Corona virus) would rob us of all our travel plans, and leave us high & dry in ways we could never have imagined possible!

So, on the weekend after my birthday in March, when me & Anusha (my fabulous friend from The Small Town Blogger) planned to go on a quick getaway to Pondicherry; we had no idea that it'll be our last trip in the next God-knows-how-many months to come!

I had created a lot of content on this trip...and was excited to share the same in a series of blog posts with you all. But then, Covid-19 happened, travel became a thing of dreams and in the serious situation the world lapsed into, it felt superficial to talk about fashion looks, pretty cafes or travel recommendations/experiences on any platform. 

Now, after wanting to write something here for the past 4 months, I finally thought of giving in to my heart and sharing some photos from our Pondicherry trip. I'm still not ready to talk about travel content as travelling is still not feasible. So, this post will have some street photography from my walks down the lanes of White Town in Pondicherry, some aesthetic corners of pretty eateries and anything else that might have caught my fancy that weekend. Hope you like the images and hope they put a smile on your face in these tough times!

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-hotel du parc-yellow wall-blue door
The quintessential yellow walls & pretty doors of Hotel Du Parc

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-promenade-seaside
The Promenade

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-window-blue-bicycle-street photography
Windows of Pondicherry I | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-promenade-trees
Man, trees, birds & the sea | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-view-balcony
Lunch with a view @ Escape Inn

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-lighthouse
The New Lighthouse (which was unfortunately closed for maintenance)

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-ocean-promenade-palm tree
Strolls by the Sea

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-le cafe-restaurant-menu
Le Cafe's vintage menu board

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-window-street art-birds
Windows of Pondicherry II | Street photography

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-auto-white town-pastel houses-french colony
Spotted in the lanes of White Town

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-palm trees-bicycle-tropical
Tropical vibes

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-sea-ocean
View from Escapee Inn

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-pink wall-plants-window
Of pink walls & pretty windows

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-door-plant-palm
Gorgeous doors & pretty palms

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-ocean-boat-waves-beach
Blue, boat & beyond

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-boat-beach-sand
Local boats ashore on the pristine Serenity beach

Pondicherry-travel-weekend-getaway-style prism-blog-street photography-white town
The serene lanes of White Town

This was my 5th visit to Pondicherry in the last 5 years...and this place never fails to amaze me with its quaint picturesqueness. I love taking walks around the pretty lanes of the French White Town, strolling along the seaside Promenade or enjoying the sun & the sand at Serenity or Paradise Beach (which are some of the prettiest Pondicherry beaches). 
These photos of Pondicherry showcase this beautiful little town through my eyes...and even though these are not part of any recommendations or tourist experiences, I still hope these aesthetic frames will tempt you enough to add Pondi to your list of 'Places To Visit Post Covid-19'

Till then, hope you all are staying home and staying safe! Please don't step out unless absolutely necessary, and even if you do, don't forget to wear your masks & gloves. This pandemic is not to be taken lightly, and if we all follow the rules & precautions, we can at least hope that things will get better soon, so that we can go back to our life of exciting travels again!

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Take care,