Try These 10 Most-Used Filters On HiPi & Upgrade Your Short Video Content Game!

With video formats being the happening kids on the content block right now, creators & influencers are forever on the lookout for new platforms. With the ban on one of the most popular short video platforms recently, video content creators have been desperate for a space to share their skills.

Enter HiPi – the new and exciting short video creating platform from ZEE5! A part of the versatile ZEE5 app, HiPi is another step for this entertainment biggie towards becoming a Super App. With TV, movies, web shows, LIVE channels and even a casual gaming platform available on the ZEE5 app already, HiPi adds another feather to the already popular hat.

Content is King

It can’t get more hip and happening than HiPi! With an easy interface to create and upload short video content, ZEE5 looks at its existing 80 million active users as both creators and consumers. The platform is built on a strong programme that aims at generating revenue shares for the creators and influencers. The content is said to be moderated before it reaches the consumers, in order to maintain quality. From exciting videos to trending challenges, it all #HappensOnHiPi. This content-driven platform not only focuses on getting high quality video content to a wide range of audience, but also making sure that the creators get rewards for their efforts. So be prepared for exciting challenges, collaborations and other interactive features to be added to the platform over time.

Top 10 Must-Try Filters for Creators

One of the coolest features on HiPi is the hundreds of filters you can choose from, to give a seamless AR twist to your videos. From flawless beauty filters to cool time-lapse filters, there’s a wide variety to choose from and use as suitable for your piece of content.

  • The Fire Explosions Filter: This is THE filter to go for if you want to amaze and impress your viewers with an explosion-of-all-good-things effect accompanied by the perfect music in the background.

  • The Black and White Filter: This is one of those filters through which you can create the biggest impact using the least amount of effort. You can turn yourself to good ol’ black and white while everything else does not get to take part in the monochromatic fun.

  • Sparkling Beauty Filter: This filter will help you ace that no-makeup makeup look by making that pretty face of yours look all dewy, topped off with that goddess glow from within.

  • The Funny Faces Filter: Everybody loves a good laugh, right? And what better way than getting your face tweaked into funny shapes and sizes, and sharing it with friends? It’s sure to keep boredom at bay.

  • Time Lapse Filter: This is one of the best filters that the Tech God has blessed us with and you can use it to capture some amazing shots of nature, and compile it all together to give you an amazing, breathtakingly beautiful result. Also, it’s basically wonders in seconds.

  • Beauty Filter: If you have not started using this filter yet, you definitely need to give it a shot. Well, a girl can always dream about that perfect jawline and wispy eyelashes. Now you can achieve it too, thanks to this filter.

  • Light Filter: Think back to all the times, you were not able to capture that perfect shot because of bad lighting. Well, not anymore. This filter is all about providing the right amount of light at the right time, right place. Now, you have no more excuses for missing a real shot.

  • Fast Forward: Just as the name suggests, you can create your own videos and give them a complete makeover by using this filter to fast forward your way to glory and success.

  • Light and Snow: This effect, combined with the correct light and beauty features, can make your videos look quite professional and influencer-like. Dreamy snowy scenes in a snap.

  • Beauty Effect: You can mix and match the various beauty features to make yourself turn from drab to fab in seconds. And coupled with other effects like light or sparkling, you will feel as if touched by a fairy godmother.

So, if you want to create stand-out short video content on social media, HiPi is the way to go, and when you have so many great filters, you will surely be spoilt for choice. Sign up for the Beta version on the ZEE5 app now and get creating. Check out the happening HiPiStars, get inspired by the plethora of content available on the platform, use the cool features and have unlimited fun. Enjoy all the HiPiLove, build a loyal HiPiDom, create exciting HiPiT and be the coolest HiPiZ in town! 

Stay home, stay safe and have fun using this new platform!